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We file and prosecute U.S. patent applications in the electromechanical and chemical fields, including semiconductor and scientific equipment, chemical inventions, battery and green technology, and related areas.  We also arrange for the filing of patent applications in other countries.

Patent Searches - We conduct patent novelty searches to help determine the likelihood that an invention might be patentable and what the scope of the claims might be.


We file and prosecute U.S. and California trademark applications and can arrange for the filing of trademark applications in other countries.  

Intellectual Property Counseling

We provide counseling on matters such as patent portfolio management, intellectual property audits, and  intellectual property litigation.  We also prepare intellectual property contracts and licenses.

Need a copy of a patent or published patent application?  Use this link:



Or find out more about other patent resources here:

Copyright and Mask Work Applications

We file copyright and mask work applications.

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